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Quick quotes

We are committed to responding to any request for a quote within 24 hours, we are also available to suggest the right product, and the accessories and options, based on customer needs and foreseen use.

Phone / Whatsapp support

During opening hours, we can provide all the main information about our products on the phone, check whether the product you are looking for is in stock, check the availability of spare parts, even those not indicated on the website, and, obviously, the post-sales service. We can also provide information relating to shipments and customs documents required for deliveries outside the European Union. Telephone support is provided in Lithuanian, Italian, English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese.

Annual revision of Vacuum Lifters

We are authorized, by the producer, to do the annual revision of the vacuum lifters we sell.


We can also offer the procurement service, which is to look for the best supplier for you, including for products not present on this website, and organize a combined shipping.

Special request

Are you looking for a product with a very particular function and can't find it? You can try to ask us, we have some suppliers who are able to create customized products.


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