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Silcom Srl was founded in 1968 in Italy, in Marghera, part of the municipality of Venice, one of the most important industrial area in Italy.

In those years, about 30,000 people were working in this industrial district, which still today includes a refinery from ENI, two coal-fired power plants from ENEL, a plant for the production of aluminum and his rolling from ALCOA, a large chemical plant belonged to MONTEDISON, a shipyard for the construction of ships cruise from FINCANTIERI.

The gradual de-industrialization of the area has prompted our company to expand more and more across borders, until today, with the opening of our first foreign subsidiary, established in Lithuania in December 2016. The purpose of this subsidiary is to follow the commercial development outside Italy.

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Special Equipment

Special machines for special needs. Silcom is constantly looking for the most advanced technological solutions, which allow it to work better, faster and with greater security. Using a special machine means revolutionizing the way you work, which is why we are committed to supporting our customers, providing training, technical assistance and after-sales service.

Industrial Equipment

With more than 30,000 references in store, a selection of the best products, and a wide range of leading brands, we can provide a guarantee of the most reliable products, combined with our expertise in constant evolution. And, naturally, with the best value for your money. This is a summary of our products.

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