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Modular material lifts for glass and windshield

Modular material lifts for glass and windshield

Golia lifters permits, in simple, safe and economical way, goods transport and lifting, in industrial and craft environments. The aluminum structure and the compact design make it possible to contain weight and be easily transported.

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Benefits of using a Modular Material Lifts

  • Compact design, It can easily be disassembled and folded, so as to reduce its dimensions during transport or storage
  • Equipped with wheels and handlebars, to permit easy movements
  • Lifting can be done manually, through a patented system that uses a drill-screwer, or with an electric engine
  • Wide range of accessories that change functionality, easily interchangeable
  • Same machine can work as glass lifter, forklift, or to mount windshield
  • The stabilizers can works, without difference, in front or rear position (using counterweight)

How works

Thanks to the low weight and stabilization on wheels, replacing a windscreen is very simple and fast. If windows are to be installed, it is possible to invert the position of the stabilizers and use the counterweights.

Lift the windshield

Easly lift the glass, with drill-screw or using the hand crank. The movements are delicate, and the forks placed under the suction cups, equipped with wheels, hold the glass in place.

Lift the windshield
Mount the windshield

Push the trolley close to the vehicle, and thanks to the mobile arm, positions the glass quickly and easily.

Mount the windshield

Main Controls

The patented lift system can be operated by a drill-screw (battery or electrical) or with a hand crank. The suction cups are equipped with manual pumps.

  1. Operations with drill-screw
  2. Operations with hand crank

Fully compliance to normative

Golia lifting trolleys are fully compliant with all the relevant norms for lifting equipments and are manufactured according to the indications provided by UNI EN ISO 9001.

The design of Golia Lifters is always in compliance with the latest standards required in Europe

Why Made in Italy is important

Made in Italy is important, because Italy is the second European country for industrial production, behind only Germany. Around 1/4 of Italy's GDP are exports, amounting to around 450 billion euros. Italy specializes in products with high added value, where it manages to be competitive, thanks to an industrial tradition that has rewarded innovation and a more flexible vision, accustomed to making products tailored to the customer.

Why chose us

Because for 50 years we have been dealing with industrial supplies, we have seen technology evolve and needs change. Because we are used to working with customers from all over the world, because we believe that after-sales service is as important as the technical preparation of our staff. We like to listen to requests, and propose the best solutions.

E.U. Guarantee

E.U. legislation provides a Free of charge, 2-year guarantee (legal guarantee) on faulty goods, for all products we sell, this is important because it is a guarantee that the goods sold by us are covered by European protection. All goods we sell are invoiced by Silcom North UAB, a company registered in Vilnius, Lithuania. Every product we send is checked before departure, but in case there are any problems, the customer is required to notify us as soon as possible, and must not use the product until our withdrawal. In case the customer needs a repair, we are always available to assist him, even after the warranty expires.

Founded in Italy in 2000

Golia is a brand of FEMAK, the company actively collaborating with its Customers for almost thirty years to conceive, design and realize “ideas to work better”. Since the very beginning, FEMAK has listened to and has strongly believed in people’s requests and needs, trying to develop new solutions in collaboration with the users and in response to their requirements.

The final result gained today is a comprehensive range of lifting trolleys designed to “respond concretely to concrete requirements”, always characterized by an extraordinary flexibility and operative versatility able to face the most varied needs in the best way.

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