self levelling crawled scissor lift, telescopic boom and carriers

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Self levelling crawled scissor lift, telescopic boom  and carriers

Self levelling crawled scissor lift, telescopic boom and carriers

ALMAC provide a variety of crawler equipment, a winde range of scissor lifts, with or without stabilizers, self levelling articulated platforms and self levelling carrier. The BI-LEVELLING system, worldwide patent, which allows automatic leveling, in spite of a so young presentation to the market obtained a high interest from professional operators and rental companies.

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Benefits of using a Self Levelling crawler

  • The crawler allows to operate in any type of terrain
  • The self-leveling system, standard on the BL series, JIBBI, and Multiloader, allows you to maintain stability even in the presence of slopes.
  • In BL Series and JIBBI, stabilizers are not present, and not are necessary, the operator can move the machine, remaining in the basket, without close the scissor/boom.
  • In HE series, the compact dimensions and the removable basket allow acm3ess to even the smallest spaces. The operator can work without stabilizers up to a certain height.
  • The carrier Multiloader, can transport the load keeping it always in a horizontal position.
  • Varied Power Option: Petrol, Diesel, Battery

How works

Thanks to the compact dimensions and the tracked undercarriage, it is possible to work in any conditions, on rough terrain or in closed spaces inside buildings.

With outriggers

The models equipped with stabilizers, HE Series, reaches 14 meters of working height.

With outriggers
Self Levelling

The self-leveling tracks allow working on sloping terrain and on dirt. The platform can move safely even with the basket raised.

Self Levelling
Easy to carry

The limited weight allows an easy and economical transportation. Thanks to the crawler, it is easy to climb the ramps, and the safety rings, allow you to secure the machine.

Easy to carry
Compact design

The compact dimensions, the detachable basket, and the remote control allow access even in the smallest spaces.

Compact design

Main Controls

The cabled-remote control system of Almac machines offers the operator maximum maneuverability, The sticks are proportional, allowing the operator to measure the strength and speed of the movements. The remote control allows to control all the functions of the machine. Radio remote available as option.

Fully compliance to normative

Almac crawlers are fully compliate with all the relevant norms for lifting people and are mufactured accordin to the indications provided by UNI EN ISO 9001.

All product is in compliance with the EU Directives: Machines (harmonized standard EN280: 2013); 2004/108 / EC (Electromagnetic compatibility); 2006/95 / EC (LVD)

Why Made in Italy is important

Made in Italy is important, because Italy is the second European country for industrial production, behind only Germany. Around 1/4 of Italy's GDP are exports, amounting to around 450 billion euros. Italy specializes in products with high added value, where it manages to be competitive, thanks to an industrial tradition that has rewarded innovation and a more flexible vision, accustomed to making products tailored to the customer.

Why chose us

Because for 50 years we have been dealing with industrial supplies, we have seen technology evolve and needs change. Because we are used to working with customers from all over the world, because we believe that after-sales service is as important as the technical preparation of our staff. We like to listen to requests, and propose the best solutions.

E.U. Guarantee

E.U. legislation provides a Free of charge, 2-year guarantee (legal guarantee) on faulty goods, for all products we sell, this is important because it is a guarantee that the goods sold by us are covered by European protection. All goods we sell are invoiced by Silcom North UAB, a company registered in Vilnius, Lithuania. Every product we send is checked before departure, but in case there are any problems, the customer is required to notify us as soon as possible, and must not use the product until our withdrawal. In case the customer needs a repair, we are always available to assist him, even after the warranty expires.

Founded in Italy in 2013

Almac was founded with the aim to realise the idea to develop, produce and distribute a new concept of aerial platform self-propelled. By the help of long-term experience of the co-owners in this sector, Almac bring a wind of innovation to a consolidated market of aerial platform in the world.

In 2015 Almac Team’s realize the innovative system BI-LEVELLING that allow overcoming important sloops lateral even longitudinal. Immediately obtain the registration of international patent.

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