Air/Water 90w

Model intended for personal and professional use for air and water.

Ozone generator model TERMINATOR II, power 90 watt, for air and water treatment. Twice the performance compared to the TERMINATOR I.

Digital programmer:

  • Single operation, to deeply sanitize the treated environment in the absence of people and animals." Molecular sieve filter with automatic regeneration managed by a programmer.

Ceramic diffuser nozzle.

Air treatment: ozone permits to deodorize and sanitize the interiors of cars, vans, campers and caravans, refrigerated trucks, bus, train carriages, rooms, nursing homes, bingo rooms, conference rooms, cabinets , refrigerators, freezers, cellars, refrigerators of butchers - fishmongers and delicatessens, garages, sausage factories, nursery gardens, fruit and vegetable greenhouses, car washes, greenhouses, etc.

Water treatment: ozone permits to obtain a sanitary disinfectant to be used to wash floors and surfaces, to disinfect food, fruit and vegetables before packaging.

  • Box made of galvanized steel plastic coated in red or yellow colors, vertical development.
  • Operating voltage 12Volt direct current.
  • Power cable with DIN plug / 12Vdc cigarette lighter socket.
  • Power supply for home operation with 230Vac voltage included

Price: on request


㎥ / h