Air/Water 45w

Model intended for personal and professional use for air and water.

Ozone generato model TERMINATOR I, power 45 watt, for air and water treatment.

Digital programmer:

  • Single operation, to deeply sanitize the treated environment in the absence of people and animals.

Ceramic diffuser nozzle.

Air treatment: ozone permits to deodorize and sanitize the interiors of cars, vans, campers and caravans, refrigerated trucks, bus, train carriages, rooms, nursing homes, bingo rooms, conference rooms, cabinets , refrigerators, freezers, cellars, refrigerators of butchers - fishmongers and delicatessens, garages, sausage factories, nursery gardens, fruit and vegetable greenhouses, car washes, greenhouses, etc.

Water treatment: ozone permits to obtain a sanitary disinfectant to be used to wash floors and surfaces, to disinfect food, fruit and vegetables before packaging.

  • Box made of galvanized steel plastic coated in red or yellow colors, vertical development.
  • Operating voltage 12Volt direct current.
  • Power cable with DIN plug / 12Vdc cigarette lighter socket.
  • Power supply for home operation with 230Vac voltage included.

Price: on request


㎥ / h