Air 240w

Model intended for professional use for air.

Ozone generator model OTELLO, power 240 watt, for air treatment.

Specific model for Hotels, B&B, apartments, for deodorization, disinfection and sanitization of rooms, in very limited times. OTELLO is designed to deeply sanitize a room in the absence of people in just 15 minutes, of which 7 minutes are dedicated to sanitizing while the remaining 8 minutes are used for the conversion of residual ozone to oxygen. Through a special catalysing circuit with a reducing element, the ozone residue is converted back into oxygen, leaving the environment perfectly sanitized and safe, both for cleaning personnel who must return to move the appliance to another room, and for the customers in case they return to the room during the times of service.

Digital programmer:

  • Single operation, to deeply sanitize the treated environment in the absence of people and animals.

Molecular sieve filter. Practical handle, it can be moved by hand as if it were a trolley case. Start and stop remote control included. Also equipped with a chronometer to hang outside the room to indicate both the remaining operating time and the end of the sanitizing operation.

Air treatment: ozone permits to deodorize and sanitize the interiors of cars, vans, campers and caravans, refrigerated trucks, bus, train carriages, rooms, nursing homes, bingo rooms, conference rooms, cabinets , refrigerators, freezers, cellars, refrigerators of butchers - fishmongers and delicatessens, garages, sausage factories, nursery gardens, fruit and vegetable greenhouses, car washes, greenhouses, etc.

  • Box made of Stainless Steel AISI 304 B2, vertical development with wheels.
  • Operating voltage 230Volt alternating current.

Price: on request


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