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available for hire 40 Euros per day

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Thanks to ozone we can sanitize any environment

Thanks to ozone we can sanitize any environment

Bacteria, viruses, mites, mold, mushrooms, spore, are part of this world, but the proliferation of some species is highly harmful to humans.

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Benefits of an environment sanitized with ozone:

  • Bacteria, viruses, mites, molds, fungi, spores and any type of parasite are removed in an environmentally friendly and natural way
  • Rooms without unpleasant odors
  • No residual chemical trace, the ozone is transformed into pure oxygen after use
  • Cleanliness and hygiene even in the less accessible areas, and on every surface with which the molecule come in contact
  • It is a procedure recognized by the Italian Ministry of Health

How works

Once the ozone comes into contact with an organic material, it triggers an oxidation reaction, all the living microorganisms are killed, such as mites, bacteria, viruses, molds and mushrooms while the odor molecules are oxidized, and transformed into other harmless molecules, thus eliminating any form of bad odor.

Because ozone is a gas heavier than air, it is able to penetrate into the fibers of the textiles. in this way it reaches and eliminates any micro-organism and malodorous substance present even in the most difficult to reach points, impossible to sanitize thoroughly with a classic washing, no matter how meticulous and accurate.


available for hire 40 Euro/Day


available for sell, Prices starting at: 682 Euro + VAT


Indicative times for the elimination of some pathogens:

Source: Higher Council of Health (Italy)

(E. Coli, Legionella, Mycobacterium, Fecal Streptococcus)
0,23 ppm - 2,2 ppm < 20 minutes
(Poliovirus type-1, Human Rotavirus, Enteric virus)
0,2 ppm - 4,1 ppm < 20 minutes
(Aspergillus Niger, vari ceppi di Penicillum, Cladosporium)
2 ppm 60 minutes
(Candida Parapsilosis, Candida Tropicalis)
0,02 ppm - 0,26 ppm < 1,67 minutes
(Acarus Siro, Tyrophagus Casei, Tyrophagus Putrescientiae)
1,5 ppm - 2 ppm 30 minutes

Why Made in Italy is important

Made in Italy is important, because Italy is the second European country for industrial production, behind only Germany. Around 1/4 of Italy's GDP are exports, amounting to around 450 billion euros. Italy specializes in products with high added value, where it manages to be competitive, thanks to an industrial tradition that has rewarded innovation and a more flexible vision, accustomed to making products tailored to the customer.

Why chose us

Because for 50 years we have been dealing with industrial supplies, we have seen technology evolve and needs change. Because we are used to working with customers from all over the world, because we believe that after-sales service is as important as the technical preparation of our staff. We like to listen to requests, and propose the best solutions.

E.U. Guarantee

E.U. legislation provides a Free of charge, 2-year guarantee (legal guarantee) on faulty goods, for all products we sell, this is important because it is a guarantee that the goods sold by us are covered by European protection. All goods we sell are invoiced by Silcom North UAB, a company registered in Vilnius, Lithuania. Every product we send is checked before departure, but in case there are any problems, the customer is required to notify us as soon as possible, and must not use the product until our withdrawal. In case the customer needs a repair, we are always available to assist him, even after the warranty expires.

Check the sanitation with bioluminometer

The bioluminometers are tools that are used in all those applications of hygiene monitoring of surfaces and equipment, which are necessary in a food industry. They note with extreme simplicity also the presence of food residues, as they measure the bacterial ATP and cellular simultaneously.

For each instrument are used the relative disposable pads, equipped with the necessary pre-dosed reagents. To perform the test is not necessary qualified staff or special laboratory equipment, because the practical disposable pads make it particularly simple and quick system: the response appears on the display for about 15 seconds.




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