900 kg Rotzler hydraulic winch, radio controlled mounted below main boom single line pull. Rope lenght 65 m. for BG LIFT M250 - T250

Available for: M250 M250-LTH T250

Price: 6500 EUR taxes excluded

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  • Full product name: BG LIFT PARTS MINI CRANE BGLIFT WINCH FOR M250-T250
  • Brand/Manufacturer: BGLIFT
  • Model: M250 M250-LTH T250
  • Category: MINI-CRANES
  • Item Condition: NewCondition
  • SKU code: BGLOPM251201
  • HS/HTS code (Harmonized Tariff Schedule): (*)
  • NCM code: (*)
  • Availability: InStock
(*) HS/HTS/NCM codes may be incorrect, please request a verification before to place the order.

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