VHT K3EN1 VK Electric chain hoist. Eyebold version. Max load 1000 kg. Standard chain length 3 mt. Speed 4 mt/min. Other versions available

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2,810 EUR -20% 2,248 EUR

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1000 kg / 2204 lbs
max load
3 mt / 9.8 ft
chain length
4 m/min

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electric-hoist vht k3en1 photos
electric-hoist vht k3en1 photos
electric-hoist vht k3en1 photos
electric-hoist vht k3en1 photos

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product reference ELECTRIC HOIST VHT K3EN1

  • category: ELECTRIC HOIST
  • brand: VHT
  • model: K3EN1
  • country of origin: ITALY
  • SKU code: VHTPRCHS1006
  • HS/HTS code (Harmonized Tariff Schedule): (*)
  • NCM code: (*)
  • availability: OnlineOnly
  • item condition: NewCondition

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